Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of Preschool!

Luke (my baby) off to preschool.
He did not want to go!
He clung to my leg when I was dropping him off.
He said that he wanted to stay home with me.

He let Jamie hold him and when he saw

that I was taking a picture he smiled!

As soon as he walked into the classroom he was fine.

He sat down right away and started in on the playdough.

when I picked him up he said that he really liked preschool and that it was alot of fun!

Kindergarten Box Top Contest!! 2nd place.

Ty won 2nd place in the box top contest for the kindergartners.
He was so excited! He got alot of cool prizes.

First Day Of School!

Ty (Kindergarten)
Can you see the excitement??

Dalton (5th grade)
Too cool. Look at that hair,
sticking straight up!

Terrell (7th grade)
He made the baseball team for Canyon Ridge.
31 kids tried out and they only kept 11!
Go Cougars!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Where else would 10 Mormon Girls go to dinner?? MARGARITAVILLE!! Here is Michelle Neal and I! The AFTER picture.

Breaking Dawn!!!

8 of us went to Barnes and Noble for the Breaking Dawn party. We got bitten(= at Barnes and Noble, there were tons of ladies there from other wards in the stake and we also saw alot of young women from our stake there.

Texting Jennie Taylor for correct answers on the trivia (she is an expert)

Then, at 11 we went to Wal-mart, there was one person in front of us in line (a husband of a twilight lover). We had a book discussion waiting for midnight.

The Unveiling........

Ta Da!!

FINALLY! We've got it!!

It is Monday Morning now, and I am on book 2, on page 200.... It is sooooo gooood!! I am taking my time and savoring the book.